The A.D.D Entrepreneur

Item# TheADDEntrepreneur

Matt Curry is a successful entrepreneur with A.D.D. In this book, he takes time to explore myths and truths of his A.D.D. experience. Here are some excerpts from the Introduction by Cameron Herold, author of the best-seller, Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Pro t in Three Years or Less. ¬Entrepreneurs are di¬fferent. We're wired di¬fferently. We're the 1%. To others, we're on the lunatic fringe, and to many, we're risk takers. However, when you get a group of entrepreneurs in a room together, we're pretty much all the same. One of the key traits that makes us who we are is that most of us "suff¬er" from Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). ¬ Matt's book outlines some of the tips to leveraging A.D.D. And as all of us who have it know, we want the short cuts; we want the easy solutions. His book gives them to us. ¬ You're an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are wired di¬fferently. Embrace that, and grow. Matt's book will give you the inspiration to do it. ¬ Matt Curry has adopted the posture that, for him, A.D.D. is not a negative. In fact, he has embraced it. "I've channeled my A.D.D. onto a positive track and used it to build businesses that have not only made a lot of money but have also made a lot of money for other people and made their lives better. And that's what this book is all about: how my off -the-wall A.D.D. tendencies inspired me to create and execute a set of proven principles for growing a successful business." ~ Matt Curry, The A.D.D. Entrepreneur