Good, Better, Best Auto Dealer Tire Wall
Good, Better, Best Auto Dealer Tire Wall
Item# GBBTireWall

Good, Better, Best Auto Dealer Tire Wall
Shipping is additional! Email us at or call (330) 830-0411 for more details. Discounts for quantity purchases.

  • We can determine how many of the Good, Better, Best Tire Wall modules will fit in your available space. Simply supply us with the overall height and width of the area that you intend to use with our Tire Wall and we will provide a "to scale drawing" with the recommended layout.
  • Graphics are engineered to work with various size tires
  • Customized for your location
  • We offer PDF's that your graphic designer can create graphics to ....or we offer graphic design services at an additional cost
  • Our Tire Wall System utilizes metal vertical tracks that mount on the wall.
  • Modular design offers versatility & low cost shipping.
  • Tire Brackets mount in threaded holes to support various size tires.
  • This system can be mounted to drywall, wood or metal studs, concrete block or brick walls. Included with each kit are wall anchors designed for drywall. Additional fasteners may need to be purchased based on wall construction.
  • Tire Centers are not included but can be purchased from separately
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Contact us for a custom quote on this product or to discuss other tire wall options.

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