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ARTICLE - Automotive Service

Automotive Service

July 2011

If we open our shops each day, and wait for someone to break down and call us, we are feeding our competition.

We need to constantly review the types of services that we offer, what the manufacture recommends, and make the decision as to whether we are in the business of “fixing” vehicles, or “Repairing and maintaining” vehicles.

If you do not perform preventative maintenance, services based on scheduled manufactured intervals, I guarantee someone else is.

Just like our inventories, our service offer inventories must be reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis.

When was the last time you gave your Service Menu a tune-up? How about your service equipment? When was the last upgrade? What new equipment is available? What type of technology is available?

Vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated and so should we. If we don't, your big accomplishment will be “Feeding your Competition

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