ARTICLE-Ideal Waiting Room Temperature

ARTICLE-Ideal Waiting Room Temperature
Item# IdealWaitingRoomTemperature

What is the Ideal Waiting Room Temperature?

May 12, 2015

What temperature should your waiting area be? The answer to that question varies based on which of the four seasons of the year you are in and the outdoor temperature/humidity.

A temperature of 64 degrees in the winter is considered acceptable (by many engineering standards) but geographical location can impact this number. During summer, a range of 68 to 72 degrees will keep most of your customers comfortable. Consider installing a ceiling fan in your waiting room to increase your customers comfort level. If you have a drop ceiling, consider this fan, Dropfan iNV Suspended Ceiling Drop Grid Fan, that mounts into a 2 x 2 drop ceiling grid.

Remember, if your waiting room is too cold or too hot, your customers wait may seem longer to them than it actually is. Centrally locate an indoor thermometer to monitor the temperature. It’s a good idea to place your thermometer in an area where only you can see it as your customers may have a different idea of what an “optimum temperature” should be.

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