ARTICLE - Customer Service

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ARTICLE - Customer Service

Customer Service

September 2011

With today’s competition, it should be our highest priority to provide the best Customer Service possible.

It seems that the art of Customer Service is dying. Everywhere I go, I seem to be surrounded by those who are very anxious to tell me what they can’t do. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but Customer Service should mean just that, Customer Service.

Actions and recommendations that actually Serve the Customer! What a concept.

If you want to build that relationship with your customers to ensure repeat business, we have to make sure our customer service stands out above all else.

Lets face it without the customers, there would be no need for any of us. The customer is our life blood. The saying used to be “The Customer is King” or “The Customer is Always Right”.

The customer may not always be right, but if we provide the proper Customer Service, the opportunity for confrontation may never arise forcing us to use the phrase “The Customer is Always Right”.

What are your employees saying to your customers? Are they providing the utmost Customer Service?

What do your customers think of your service? If your business is like most other business, it is likely that the only time you hear from your customer is when they are upset.

Think about this. No customer complaints all must be well right? Except for those who will never call and never come back.

Here’s the bigger question what have you given your employees to ensure the best customer service?

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