ARTICLE - Displays & Merchandisers in Your Showroom

ARTICLE - Displays & Merchandisers in Your Showroom
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Displays & Merchandisers in Your Tire Showroom

August 2, 2018

Your Displays & Merchandisers are your “silent sales person”. How can a sales person sell anything without product?

Make sure that all displays are fully stocked, easy to access and organized. Allow some time each week to ensure that your customer has choices when making a buying decision. For example if you are selling Tire and Wheel Detailing products on one of your merchandisers, offer items for every step of the cleaning process. One product shortage could result in a missed sale on two other items because the entire detailing system was incomplete.

Wipe down your merchandisers once a week. Today's consumer expects cleanliness in their retail environment.

Is your signage dirty? Clean it. Edges tattered? Consider using a metal straight edge and utility knife and carefully trim the signage to create a “new look”.

Look above your Merchandisers and Displays. Do you have light bulbs that are burnt out? Are your light covers dirty? What you see every day and have become complacent about, stands out to the average buyer and influences the purchasing decision. is the most comprehensive and current information resource available for the independent Tire Dealer wishing to upgrade and improve their showroom. Contact us at for more information.

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