The Legend of Discount Tire, Co.

Item# TheLegendOfDiscountTire

In 1960, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, entrepreneur Bruce Halle (pronounced "Holly") launched a business venture in an old storefront. He stocked his bare shelves with two new tires, four retreads, and an odd assortment of small auto supplies and called it Discount Tire Co. Since then, Halle has become a legendary figure in the tire industry, yet he remains as humble as his beginnings. Halle's philosophy of "Be fair, be truthful, work hard, be there on time, and help people" may seem too simple to support a $1.5 billion company flourishing in 19 states. But that successful philosophy is packed with integrity and backed by a supportive team of some 9,000 enthusiastic workers.

Discount Tire Co. is more than a tire dealer; it is a family, and its vitality may well be the strongest in the industry. Its casual corporate culture is the result of a philosophy that steered clear of bureaucracy and focused on teamwork.