ARTICLE - The Science of Tire Dealer Signage

Item# TheScienceofTireDealerSignage

ARTICLE - The Science of Tire Dealer Signage

The Science of Tire Dealer Signage

May 08, 2018

TIRESHOWROOMS FAST FACT: Signs that use upper and lower case letters with the first letter in each word capitalized are generally easier to read than all capital letters.

Every day potential customers drive by your location without ever stopping. How do you bring those customers in to your facility? Signs such as Window Graphics, Vinyl Cut Letters, Curb/Yard Signs and Banners that can be viewed from the street are a great solution.

Unless you communicate to consumers that you provide services other than tires, they will continue to drive down the highway to your competition.

The keys with any good signage is: letter size & type, sign complexity, contrast of the letters against the background, angle the sign is presented to "passer-by", speed limit of road and number of lanes on road. It sounds intense, but will figure this for you.

Tire Dealer Signage options:

The Window Graphic Panel is a good area for displaying services offered. These signs can be one sided (only "readable" from the road) or two sided (able to be read from your showroom and the road). Place them at the top of your storefront windows, the center or the bottom.

Vinyl cut letters mounted on your windows is another great method for listing services and/or hours of operation. The key to any window sign is that the letters are large enough to be read easily from the road (this distance varies with each location) and the letter color contrasts with the background.

Banners can contain a great amount of information in a small space. Horizontal, vertical or square banners are the standard products.

Curb/Yard Signs are a great solution. They are closer to the road, more easily read and will often catch a potential customers attention quick due to the sign being perpendicular to the "passer-by" (easier to read). Check your zoning when considering Curb/Yard Signs.

Font type/style along with the amount of contrast between the background and the letters will have an impact on visibility. Try to choose a sign that has light colored letters against a dark background or dark letters against a light background. This contrast makes these signs easier to read.

Using a quality graphic (picture/image) within your sign will help convey a professional image for your location. Changing your signs periodically is a low cost method to upgrade your facility.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Check your local building and zoning ordinances regarding signage, each region is different regarding the type of signs that may be used. is the most comprehensive and current information resource available for the independent Tire Dealer wishing to upgrade and improve their showroom. Contact us at for more information.

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