Tire Slat Wall Systems

Tire Slat Wall Systems
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Our Tire Slat Wall System is a proven method of presenting your product.

IT'S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE PROPER SLAT WALL, REINFORCEMENTS & BRACKETS ARE USED!! Due to safety issues, we do not recommend implementing this system without TireShowrooms.com assistance . A specific grade of slat wall must be used for this application.

We've researched and have experience installing these materials. We can create a versatile and safe system for your facility that will help you move product. Studies have proven that the Tire Wall is one of the most important sales aids in a Tire Showroom. Your sales people will use a Tire Wall and Free Standing displays more than any other item in the showroom.

When creating your Tire Slat Wall consider various colored accent strips, edge moldings, dynamic graphics, etc. for a tire wall presentation that will help you sell. Our system allows you to easily change out graphics in the future, upgrading your image for minimal cost. We will assist you in choosing proper graphics and colors.

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