ARTICLE - Tire & Auto Repair Waiting Areas…A Sales Asset or Liability?

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ARTICLE - Tire & Auto Repair Waiting Areas…A Sales Asset or Liability?

Tire & Auto Repair Waiting Areas…A Sales Asset or Liability?

August 01, 2011

How many times has a customer entered a tire dealer or auto repair showroom and left disgusted at the filth? The furniture is dirty. Ceiling tiles are falling apart or have stains and the restrooms look like a scene from "America's Dirtiest Jobs"?

Tire and auto repair showrooms may be one of the last retail groups to focus on making a customer feel comfortable and welcome. There are many reasons for this but one is that most owners of these shops came from the rank and file of mechanics. Their training lies in alignments, tune-ups, brakes, etc….not creating an environment that can increase sales.

This article addresses the basic points that could be applied in your waiting areas and actually cost nothing but time.

We strongly recommend that you have a spouse, friend or someone that you trust tour your showroom and give you an honest evaluation of what they see. Secondly, clean and organize your waiting area. Remove clutter. The more familiar you are with your own environment, the more likely that you will overlook clutter that has accumulated.

Is the floor free of boxes, magazines, anything that has to be stepped over or walked around?
Take a look at your vendor literature… it organized? Is the literature pertinent and up to date?

Does the work counter look clean and organized? Are the displays and merchandisers on your floor or counter clean and in good condition? Do they have up-to-date signage? If not, update them or remove them.

Look behind your main counter? This area often has a work surface that becomes a catch-all. Only keep what is necessary and current. Is the top surface clean where customers can feel comfortable?

Do you have posters on the walls? Are they current and applicable? Are they torn/falling off the walls?

Are your floors clean? Rugs and Mats washed or hosed off periodically?

What does your bathroom look like? This should be one of the cleanest areas of your waiting room and checked at least daily.

Clocks, calendars, photos. Are they up to date and in working order or are they faded, old and not applicable?

These are all starting points that can be effective and make the difference in the business that you receive. is the most comprehensive and current information resource available for the independent Tire Dealer wishing to upgrade and improve their showroom. Contact us at for more information.

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