ARTICLE - Window Graphics for the Tire Dealer

ARTICLE - Window Graphics for the Tire Dealer
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Window Graphics for the Tire Dealer

February 23, 2018

Window Graphics for Tire Dealers are available in different products with each having pros/cons.

Static Clings rely on static electricity to adhere to a window. experience with this product has been marginal. Although they do work, our experience is that they lose their ability to stick over time & are a temporary solution.

Another type of Window Graphic to consider is the One Way Viewable Graphic. Inside the showroom you can see out and from the street your message can be easily viewed. This product is usually produced with a permanent adhesive…it takes some elbow grease to remove these. They attach to the outside of the window. One Way Viewable Graphics are the highest cost of the three products that we discuss.

Low Tack Adhesive or Removable Adhesive Window Signs are the product we would recommend for window graphics. Ideally these are printed so the sign can be read through the glass … also known as second surface. However if your windows are tinted, a second surface window application is not an option.

Signs that are applied to the outside of the window, known as first surface, are lower cost than those applied to the inside of the windows but do have some issues to consider.

Dirt, dust and other grime that is outdoors will eventually find its way to your signs. Being vinyl, they can be cleaned with little effort and time.

Vandalism is another consideration when contemplating use of window signs. Doors are more prone to vandalism than windows. This is due to the traffic going in and out of these areas; the decals will often be picked at or the actual removal of the sign(s) can happen.

Last but not least, always check for leasing or zoning restrictions prior to purchasing your window graphics. is the most comprehensive and current information resource available for the independent Tire Dealer wishing to upgrade and improve their showroom. Contact us at for more information.

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